The Midnight Online -  Rebroadcast

The Midnight Online - Rebroadcast

All Ages
The Midnight Online - Oct 30 at 9:30pm EDT

Live From California - A One-Time Worldwide Event

The Midnight, the duo of producer Tim McEwan and singer-songwriter Tyler Lyle, are masters of flipping the disparate archetypes of yearning American youth — think everything from John Hughes films and the Smashing Pumpkins’ “1979” music video to Snapchats of ravers losing it to a big bass drop and the lonesome sway of the “lofi hip hop radio-beats to study / relax to” YouTube channel — into their own modern collage that finds a through-line between generations of teenage ennui.

The Midnight have partnered with the PLUS1 Covid-19 Relief Fund to support Backline and their work with those in the music industry whose mental health, safety, and wellbeing are some of the most at risk to the impacts of the pandemic. $1 contribution from every ticket will be directed to this important cause. Thanks for your support.

The stream will be available on-demand for up to 72 hours

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