Unknown Mortal Orchestra

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Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Klaus Johann Grobe

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

Zaphod Beeblebrox

Ottawa, ON


This event is 19 and over

due to unforeseen circumstances, this show has been moved to Zaphod Beeblebrox. Original tickets will be honoured at the door. Door and show times remain the same. Apologies for any inconvenience. 

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Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Unknown Mortal Orchestra
The threads of our past never unravel, they hover like invisible webs, occasionally glistening due to a sly angle of the sun. On Multi-Love, Unknown Mortal Orchestra frontman and multi-instrumentalist Ruban Nielson reflects on relationships: airy, humid longing, loss, the geometry of desire that occurs when three people align. Where Nielson addressed the pain of being alone on II, Multi-Love takes on the complications of being together.

Multi-Love adds dimensions to the band's already kaleidoscopic approach, with Nielson exploring a newfound appreciation for synthesizers. The new songs channel with the spirit of psych innovators without ignoring the last 40 years of music, forming a flowing, cohesive whole that reflects restless creativity. Cosmic escapes and disco rhythms speak to developing new vocabulary, while Nielson's vocals reach powerful new heights. "It felt good to be rebelling against the typical view of what an artists is today, a curator," he says. "It's more about being someone who makes things happen in concrete ways. Building old synthesizers and bringing them back to life, creating sounds that aren't quite like anyone else's. I think that's much more subversive."

While legions of artists show fidelity to the roots of psychedelia, Unknown Mortal Orchestra shares the rare quality that makes the genre's touchstones so vital, constant exploration.
Klaus Johann Grobe
Klaus Johann Grobe continue to avoid easy classification with “Spagat der Liebe”, the
follow-up to their mind-scrambling 2013 debut album “Im Sinne der Zeit”. Said debut was
an easy to love, but hard to pin down fusion of krautrock, disco, Tropicalia, post-punk and
experimental music that garnered rave reviews both in the USA & abroad. In between
numerous European festival tours & opening slots for Temples, Moon Duo & the Growlers,
the band holed up in their Swiss studio compound to record “Spagat der Liebe” in the
autumn of 2015.
The sinister, late-night grooves present of their debut have been tempered a bit, in favor of
somewhat sunnier dispositions, calling to mind an ecstatic party somewhere in sunny
Ibiza. The albums title translates to “balancing act of love” & many of the tunes on “Spagat
der Liebe” feel like love songs, either to a significant other, a mood, a feeling, or the dance
floor - whichever you choose. The overall vibe of the album acknowledges the tenuous
push & pull love can have on a person, not unlike the way a great DJ can make you feel
ecstasy & romance all under an umbrella of glittering lights.
Tunes like album opener “Ein Guter Tag” & first single “Wo Sind” feel like a warm up,
preparing the listener for the four-on-the-floor propulsion of “Rosen des Abschieds” - a
song tailor-made to sweat to. Elsewhere the fragile “Heut Abend nur” (”Tonight Only”) &
the synth-tickled “Ohne Mich” - which is closest the band has come to an honest to
goodness pop tune - guides the listener by the hand towards floor fillers like “Geschichten
aus erster Hand” and the absolutely DEVASTATING groove of “Liebe am Strand”, which is
anchored by a rubbery bass groove & a killer flute solo that takes it over the event horizon.
“Spagat der Liebe” finds the band continuing to challenge listener’s expectations,
eschewing overt stylistic tropes in favor of a feeling; keeping love, passion, ecstacy,
melancholy, desire & affection in a nimble balance.
“Spagat der Liebe” is issued on compact disc & vinyl, with full-color inner sleeve (with lyrics) & artwork co-designed by band member Sevi Landolt.
Venue Information:
Zaphod Beeblebrox
27 York St.
Ottawa, ON, K1N 9J6