Pugs and Crows and Tony Wilson, Charles Spearin, Her Harbour, Flying Hórses

JUNOfest '17 Ottawa

Pugs and Crows and Tony Wilson

Charles Spearin

Her Harbour

Flying Hórses

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

St. Albans Church

Ottawa, ON

This event is all ages

8pm Flying Hórses

9pm Her Harbour

10pm Charles Spearin

11pm Pugs and Crows and Tony Wilson

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Pugs and Crows and Tony Wilson
Pugs and Crows and Tony Wilson
Award winning band, Pugs and Crows creates new instrumental music that distills elements of indie rock, creative music, and classical forms into a distinct statement that’s both recognizably West Coast and startlingly original.

Showcasing the 10 year long collaboration between an ensemble of individually accomplished and highly sought after players, Pugs and Crows has emerged as one of Vancouver’s most prominent instrumental bands, earning a rabid following of fans from all corners. Their third release, Everyone Knows Everyone, snagged a 2016 West Coast Music Award for Best Instrumental Album, adding to momentum that has been building since their 2013 JUNO win and this year’s nomination to the 2016 Polaris Prize Longer List. Praised for their “music of great strength and beauty” by The Georgia Straight, and as “rejuvenating, visceral and absolutely stunning” by the CBC, Pugs and Crows continues to bring new fans into the West Coast’s rich tradition of creative instrumental music.

Everyone Knows Everyone is a double album that features a collaboration with long-time friend, West Coast guitar legend Tony Wilson, as well as a guest appearance by vocalist Debra-Jean Creelman (Mother Mother, Frazey Ford). Creelman and Wilson seamlessly insert themselves into material which alternates sonic ferocity with a sense of sweet melancholy that’s vintage Pugs and Crows. Luscious textures rove across each other, swell and refine into united riffs which showcase both the band’s time-honed tightness, and their ability to make rigorous, complex music feel easy and close to the heart. Propelled by the entire band, the erratic rhythmic figures breath with beautiful, rock n’ roll simplicity, rounding off improvised sections with avant-garde ear candy that’s hard to resist. The improvisations are where the expressivity and musicianship of the individual players really shine, through explorations that tease the edges of Cole Schmidt’s compositions with adventurous soloing and detailed textural additions, often augmented by producer Chris Gestrin’s audio wizardry. The result of all this is something that Henning Bolte of Jazzism (Netherlands) puts most succinctly: This album sounds like good music should sound. Grounded, great consistency, entrancing beauty, elevating.”
Charles Spearin
Charles Spearin
Charles Spearin is a multi-instrumentalist who has been an active and influential member of Canada's independent music community since the mid 1990's. He is primarily known as a founding member of the instrumental post-rock ensemble Do Make Say Think and an original member of the indie-rock collective Broken Social Scene. Spearin's most recent work - his first solo album - innocently titled "The Happiness Project" centers around recorded conversations with his downtown neighbours and plays with the cadence of their voices as though they were songs.

The inspiration behind this new project comes partly from his love of music and fascination with sound and partly from his experience and education in Buddhism. Charles was raised with a blind, Buddhist father and, before the birth of his own two children and subsequent familial responsibilities, dedicated much of his time to studying Buddhist philosophy and practicing meditation (including annual retreats in meditation centers, monasteries and solitary cabin-retreats).

Buddhist practice puts emphasis on analyzing the nature of one's own awareness and experience through study, contemplation and meditation, and often includes long periods of silence and reflection. Returning home to ordinary life and ordinary conversation after extended periods of quiet is what brought Spearin's attention to what would be the focus of this new album: The natural, unselfconscious, music of speech. By replicating the rising and falling of the recorded voices on different instruments Spearin, in true Buddhist form, attempts to illuminate some of the beauty of ordinary life.

Spearin has performed snippets of his new project while on tour with Broken Social Scene and Do Make Say Think and is now preparing a live version the Happiness Project for a few select performances this spring.
Her Harbour
Her Harbour
Her Harbour is the moniker of singer-songwriter Gabrielle Giguere.

Winter’s Ghosts, was recorded by Giguere in her childhood home from February 2011 to February 2012. A collection of nine intimate songs touching on loss, heartbreak, family, abuse, mental illness and addictions, Winter’s Ghosts finds Giguere marrying her lyrics and voice to music she crafts blending traditional instruments (autoharp, piano, guitar) with textural elements drawn from vocal layering, vintage keyboards, field recordings and a collection of household objects. “I wanted to record the songs in the environment they were bred from. I wanted the listener hear my homes sounds; it‘s creaks, breaths, echoes, and distant voices.” “The hope was that solitude and the familiarity of the space would allow me to yield more honest recordings.” Winter’s Ghosts features performances by many of Giguere’s friends and local musicians including André M. Bluteau and Dave Draves who also mixed and mastered the album out of his studio Little Bullhorn (Kathleen Edwards, Wooden Stars, Snailhouse, Julie Doiron, ect.).

Her Harbour’s live performances have grown to include the likes of Jamie Kronick (drums, percussion), Pierre-luc Clement (guitar, lap steel, percussion, vocals) and Philippe Charbonneau (keyboard, bass synth, vocals).

Winter’s Ghosts was released on E-Tron Records April 23 2013
Flying Hórses
Flying Hórses
Flying Hórses is the project of Jade Bergeron. Tölt was recorded mostly in Iceland and is filled with the sounds of piano, wurlitzer, celesta, glockenspiel, bells, chimes, music boxes and cello. Elegiac and transportive, she describes her debut as “a journey through memories.” She was invited to play Iceland Airwaves Music Festival in 2015 as well as the world-renowned Festival International de Jazz de Montreal in 2016. The Banff Centre for Performance Arts welcomed Flying Hórses in the fall of 2016, to work and collaborate with Juno award-winner Charles Spearin (Broken Social Scene, Do Make Say Think). In the spring of 2017, she released Sorg Sea; a movement, mixed by Efrim Menuck (Godspeed You! Black Emperor), it premiered on CBC’s ‘The Strombo Show’.

She is currently working on her sophomore record.

Flying Hórses’ debut album, Tölt was recorded with Sigur Rós’ producer, Biggi Birgisson, at Sundlaugin Studio in Iceland. Shortly after the release of Tölt she joined the 1631 Recordings roster alongside Oscar-nominated composers Dustin O’Halloran and Hauschka. The Montreal composer and musician recently paired up with award-winning Director Alexandre Richard from Quebec production house Cinearcale, to release a captivating filmic video that explores the bliss and trauma of childhood. It premiered on The FADER, and won ‘Best Director’ at the ‘Paris International Music Video Competition 2017’.

Tölt is available now.
Venue Information:
St. Albans Church
454 King Edward Av
Ottawa, ON, K1N 7M8