New Swears, NOBRO, Blve Hills, The Lindbergh Babies

JUNOfest '17 Ottawa

New Swears


Blve Hills

The Lindbergh Babies

Friday, March 31, 2017

Doors: 9:00 pm / Show: 10:00 pm

The Bourbon Room

Ottawa, ON

This event is 19 and over

10pm The Lindbergh Babies

11pm Blve Hills

12am NOBRO

1am New Swears

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New Swears
New Swears
Ottawa's New Swears are announcing their signing today to Dine Alone Records with the premiere of a video for "Brand New Spot," the A side of the Brand New Spot/Sugar Heavy Metal 7 inch, which will be released by the label on November 4th.

The 7 inch is the first release from New Swears since their 2014 LP Junk Food Forever, Bedtime Whatever, which brought the band attention for the first time outside of their hometown, garnering praise from Pitchfork, Noisey and Exclaim among others, and introducing audiences to their unique brand of garage pop, a combination of delicately-calibrated, melodically-focused pop song writing delivered with the energy and enthusiasm of a punk band. That enthusiasm is on full display during their high-energy live sets, which the band brought across North America and Europe in support of the LP, building a reputation as a singularly entertaining live act, playing over the top, freewheeling shows as likely as not to feature impromptu human pyramids, off-the-cuff halfway-ironic Bruce Springsteen medleys, and to end in injury to one or multiple band members as the result of their alcohol-fueled amateur acrobatics.

Since the album the band have been hard at work, initially in their shared home, the semi-legendary Ottawa DIY venue known as The Fun Boy Club House (RIP), writing a new collection of songs that will comprise the next LP. "Brand New Spot" hints at the direction the album might take while providing a succinct introduction to New Swears individual charms, delivering a densely packed collection of hooks in a brisk 2 and half minutes, that touches on subjects like stealing mom's liquor, avoiding the cops, teenage love and the paralyzing pull of nostalgia, recalling both the Buzzcocks and Jesus of Cool-era Nick Lowe, if Nick Lowe and the Buzzcocks were a bunch of self-identified skids from Ottawa.
NOBRO is a power trio doompop babegang hailing from Montreal.
Blve Hills
Blve Hills
Blve Hills is recycled sludge that runs through your grandfather’s old oscillator. �Some describe them as music your dad used to listen to with his buddies in his garage while debating Frank Zappa over Pink Floyd.

�To simplify it, Blve Hills is modern day Psych-Grunge.��Originally from Lindsay Ontario, lead-singer and songwriter Cody Parnell moved to Ottawa to create a new musical creation in a city that thrived off live music and unique artistry.

��Since the winter of 2014, Parnell has been making music under the name Blve Hills. After writing ten songs for the first EP, he found other buds in the area who were on the same agenda. They started playing live together around Ottawa, Quebec, and surrounding Ontario cities. ��

The band currently lives together downtown and can be found making noise (both musical and non musical) between 8:00 PM and 4:00 AM on a daily basis. ��

The boys in Blve are currently getting ready to tour and support the new and 3rd EP (recorded by Cody) in the spring of 2017. Parnell is currently putting his final touches on the mixes as the EP is set to drop in March.

��Expect a live show that will leave you wanting more. Who broke Cody’s heart and why are these young men groping each other on stage?��

Their live show was best described by Raz Mataz Magazine after their performance at CMW in 2015:��

“When the band first takes stage and gets strapped, you’ll think: Who are these dirty, pyjama-wearing, long-haired kids? Did they stumble out of a dorm room somewhere? Do they know where they are?
They know alright, and they’re hardly n00bs.�
Their weirdness, like their music, is all-encompassingly infective. They inspire the audience to let loose, bounce a hip, tap a toe, and get downright head-banging.”
��You won’t want to miss these pyjama wearing hippies.
The Lindbergh Babies
The Lindbergh Babies
The Lindbergh Babies are a five piece, female fronted punk band with a hint of metal. Made up of members of four-stroke, ThunderUncle, and The Uncooperatives. Their fast, super-catchy songs will have you wanting to sing along the first time you hear them.
Venue Information:
The Bourbon Room
400A Dalhousie St
Ottawa, ON, K1N 9J9