Tasha The Amazon, THE LYTICS, DRAE, wotts, Eddie Quotez

JUNOfest '17 Ottawa

Tasha The Amazon




Eddie Quotez

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Doors: 9:00 pm / Show: 10:00 pm

The Bourbon Room

Ottawa, ON

This event is 19 and over

10pm Eddie Quotez

10:45pm wotts

11:30pm DRAE

12:15am Tasha The Amazon

1:15am The Lytics

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Tasha The Amazon
Tasha The Amazon
Artist | Music Producer | Shit-Disturber | .5 of Bass & Bakery | Scallywag | Yardie
In hip-hop, as in life, few things are more important than family. Few know this better than The Lytics. Brothers Andrew and Anthony "Ashy" Sannie have been trading rhymes together since childhood, as well as with cousin Mungala "Munga" Londe, who moved in to the families Winnipeg home as a teen. Big brother Alex "B-Flat" Sannie provides the beats and production duties. AS the sound grew, so did the family- with "adopted" brother DJ Lonnie Ce coming on board to get the dance floor going.

After years spent throwing down over Dilla, Premier and Pete Rock instrumentals, 2009 saw the band drop their self-titled debut EP, melding their various influences into a sound that is more concerned with what sounds and feels good than complying to any strict ideas of genre. This fusion of ideas, influences and outlooks fed into 2012's They Told Me, taking in everything from vibraphones to New Jack Trumpet fills, spacey synths to pimp rolling 70s swagger, Afrobeat to 60s R&B - an amalgam of old-school soundscapes and boom-box bangers that celebrates, inspires and challenges.

The band consciously set out to make music people can both relate and move to. For them music has never been about empty boasts and bravado, preferring instead to promote the same brand of street level optimism espoused by early influences Mos Def, The Pharcyde, and A Tribe Called Quest. This energy is clear in the live show, where the bands easy beats and infectious enthusiasm quickly win over even the most cynical of crowds. Little wonder then that over the years the band have shared stages with the likes of Charlie 2na, K'Naan, Naughty By Nature, Shad, Cadence Weapon and The Roots as well as the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.

2014 sees the band further developing their sound in the studio, honing their beats and flows, and preparing to bring their new record to the crowds across Canada and beyond.
Andre Thibault has always been a lover of all things musical. After first playing guitar at age 13, and singing and writing at age 15, he knew it was an itch he could never fully scratch. However, it wasn't until a severe knee injury derailed his professional basketball dreams that he switched gears and began to take things more seriously.

It began when a few high school friends decided to form a band. In 2011, Matt Robillard (drummer) and Braden Sabourin (guitarist) reached out and asked Andre to join their newly-formed project. The trio would soon become known as "The Second Silverado", and would write and record close to a dozen songs (however the band never had an official release). In order to further their knowledge, Matt and Andre enrolled at The Audio Recording Academy Ottawa and learned the ins and outs of effective multitrack recording, production, mixing, live sound, etc. With this information, as well as an arsenal of catchy, upbeat rock music, the band began to play locally with increasing fan interest. This culminated in the band being accepted to compete in the "Big Money Shot" in 2013, a contest for independent bands put on by local radio station Live 88.5. The show was a resounding success, and the band moved into the second round of competition. However, unfortunately, their lack of professional experience meant they would not move on any further.

After a summer of contemplation, Andre decided it was time to pursue things on his own. Having always been a lover of hip hop music, and writing rap lyrics in his spare time, he began to produce and piece together a debut EP. Working with Steve Foley at Audio Valley Recording Studios, Andre released the "Call Me KING" EP under the stage name KING. It was met with high praise, and the title track "Call Me KING" received regular radio play both in the city and on college radio across the province. It was also chosen as the #1 song in CKDJ's music survey for 2014.

After releasing a collaborative EP titled "Crookid Bass" with fellow Ottawa juggernaut Yusso, as well as an 11 track mixtape titled "WITNESS", Andre took a step back to reevaluate and reconstruct himself. Towards the end of 2015, he released a new song, accompanied by a video, titled "Death Of A Tyrant". The song explains Andre's frustration with being misconceived and misjudged under the name KING, and essentially "killed off" the title. Having been called by his name in short form for the better part of his life, he set out from then on as DRAE; clear, concise, personal... and real.

DRAE is a more mature, honest representation of Andre's musical love and inspirations (of which there are MANY). His debut LP "E/SCAPE" is available now on all online distributors, and is an eclectic but fresh mix of many different styles and sonics. Having worked on the project for the better part of 2 years, DRAE is excited to unleash this new refined sound on the world. With a performance resume that has seen him hit the main stage at RBC Ottawa Bluesfest alongside Yusso, as well as share concert bills with Jazz Cartier, SonReal, Troy Ave, Odd Future, Earl Sweatshirt and more, DRAE is no stranger to performing. Look out for more show dates in 2017 as he promotes the release of "E/SCAPE".

Get ready. It's DRAE season...
there's no earthly way of knowing which direction we are going...

General Manager
Lisa McGrath


Eddie Quotez
Eddie Quotez
Most people would spend 4 hours watching a Seinfeld marathon or playing Candy Crush on their smartphones, but not for Edgar ‘Eddie Quotez’ Piol. He wrote, mixed, and recorded his latest EP Kawaii in the same amount of time you’ve probably spent on Tumblr today.

Ed’s signature lyrical style and instrumentals make for an amazing 13 minute auditory experience. The beats on this EP are extremely high quality and have some nightcore influence mixed with classic b-boy sampling techniques. The album starter Marble Soda kicks-off the album with a high energy pump-up anthem with some Sailor Moon and Full Metal Alchemist references. The second track Promise brings some mellow chillwave which contrasts nicely with the first track, but without losing the album’s momentum. Streamers is almost like a mix between the first and second track. It has a very bubbly instrumental with a solid hook where Ed drops a catchy verse, which leads into a rising-elevator style build-up with a hyped up pitch shifted vocal.

Sprinkler-style high hats, chopped classical guitar, and Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island samples is the best way to sum up Long Distance, adding an almost faux west coast track to the album. My personal favorite off of the EP We Should Just Be Friends is a track by ‘Ed’ unlike the others which are credited to ‘Eddie Quotez’, making this track seem to be a bit more personal. What really makes the track is the soft piano introduction followed by melodic guitar and finger snaps. Ed’s voice is absolutely beautiful on this track, and makes a great finisher for the EP. If you’re a fan of rap, or just anime and gaming culture, you should definitely check out Eddie Quotez’s Kawaii, and think about what you could do in 4 hours next time you’re being beckoned to the television screen.
Venue Information:
The Bourbon Room
400A Dalhousie St
Ottawa, ON, K1N 9J9