Secrets presents


Southpaw, Horcrux

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:30 pm

The 27 Club

Ottawa, ON

This event is 16 and over


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Every experience, bad or good, has brought you here, to this moment, where you are now. This is something Secrets knows well. The San Diego, CA quartet, formed in 2010, has overcome every obstacle in their path, some with far more difficulty than others. They’ve lost band members, gone broke, had buses die on tour and been forced to sleep in a tent while recording an album. But all the while, despite every hardship, the group have found themselves in amazing places, creating the music they always wanted to make. The combination of all these experiences urged Secrets to title their third album Everything That Got Us Here.

The band started writing music last year without a specific agenda for a new album. It wasn’t until after they’d laid down the tracks with longtime producer Tom Denney and vocal producer Andrew Wade in Orlando in January that the musicians realized what connected everything together. “All of the songs have the same undertone,” Richard says. “They are about overcoming something, whether it’s in a relationship or with personal self-doubt or in life overall. Like with life, there are some serious downer songs, but the outcome is positive. Ultimately the album gives the feeling of ‘If we can make it, you can make it.’”

The central point for this concept is “Rise Up,” a surging, anthemic heavy rock song written about what it means to surpass a moment of difficulty. “It created the entire base for the album,” Richard notes. “The song is about overcoming struggles and how that ties into our lives as musicians. It can be so hard to be broke and on the road and hoping you’ll make it. But eventually you do. Everything works out in the end if you push through and work hard enough.”

Hard work is something Secrets is deeply familiar with. The band, who signed with Velocity/Rise Records in the Spring of 2011, released their debut full-length, The Ascent, in early 2012, earning accolades and critical acclaim. The album debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart and became the first Velocity Records release to crack the Billboard Top 200 at No. 185. The group’s second album, Fragile Figures, followed in mid-2013, reaching No. 59 on the Billboard Top 200. Secrets has sold over 40,000 records to date. The band has also toured heavily on both efforts, hitting the road with artists like Asking Alexandria, Crown The Empire, Blessthefall, Of Mice & Men and Memphis Mayfire. Secrets went out on Warped Tour in 2014 and have found a strong connection with fans around the country, thanks mostly to the relatability of their lyrics.

Since 2010, the band’s lineup has shifted. Everything That Got Us Here marks another turning point for Secrets with Wade Walters joining as the new singer and screamer. While the parts for the album. He fit seamlessly into the band, helping to connect this album with their prior two releases in a cohesive way. If anything, Secrets sounds even more enlivened and inspired than they ever have before.

“Losing a vocalist is tough, but the band is still the same,” Richard says. “The main writers are still in the band. Since our inception, things have changed but at the same time nothing has. The music has been consistent the whole way through. And Wade is really good. He’s been following the band for a while so he transitioned very well into our style and helped make this album better.”

From the propulsive heft of “Rise Up” to the layered thrash of “Left Behind,” a track that juxtaposes Wade’s guttural screams with the band’s instinct for soaring, hook-laden melodies, Everything That Got Us Here reveals Secret’s ability to encompass a vast array of moods and styles on one album. It’s complex in its orchestration, but simple in its message. For Secrets, there is no choice but to move forward with a positive attitude. No matter what the world throws at them, they will keep going, hoping that their optimism and passion will inspire fans to do the same in their own lives. Everything That Got Us Here is album about embracing your past experiences for what they’ve been, but it’s also about what is possible in the future.

“We love playing music,” Richard says. “It’s the best thing in our lives. We spent all these years trying to become a signed band that gets to tour, and now we get to tour and play our music every night. When you have all the things you’ve worked for you’ll do whatever you can to keep going. Whenever our bus breaks down or a challenge presents itself, I think ‘This is a million times better than working at Pizza Hut.’ Seeing the impact our music has on our fans can get us through anything.”
Venue Information:
The 27 Club
27 York St.
Ottawa, ON, K1N