Frequently Asked Questions


Q: This pandemic sucks, eh?

A: Sure does. Refunds are available at point of purchase for all cancelled and postponed shows. Keep an eye on our website and social media for updates. Please wear a mask, physically distance and get the vaccine when you can so we can all get back to some semblance of normal soon!


Q: Where can I buy advance tickets for your shows?

A: You can purchase tickets online by clicking the TICKETS icon on any show page to take you to the Eventbrite site or going to Tickets for most shows can also be purchased at Vertigo Records (1208 Bank St.) with a $1-2 service charge – cash or Interac only.


Q: Can I buy tickets at the door?

A: Yes, unless the show is SOLD OUT, and even then we *may* have a handful of tickets at the door to deter scalpers. Follow @spectrasonic on twitter for up to the minute info on ticket availability for sold out shows.


Q. What type of payment is accepted at the door?

A. Currently cash only, but we just got one of those Square thingamajigs.


Q: My mom washed my clothes AND my ticket, can I still get into the show?

A: That will teach you to not do your own laundry… If the barcode is still legible, yes. If not, see below.


Q: I lost my ticket and really want to see my favourite band. Help!

A: Tickets should be treated like cash and cannot be replaced. However if you bought your ticket online, please contact Ticketfly at least two business days prior to the show to void your the original ticket and issue a new one.


Q: What is your refund policy?

A: All sales are final. No refunds* or exchanges unless a show is cancelled.

*Except during global pandemics.


Q: How do I get a refund if a show is cancelled.

A: If a show is cancelled, refunds are available at point of purchase. You will be refunded automatically if you purchased a ticket through Eventbrite. Please note opening acts are always subject to change.


Q: How do I get to venue X?

A: If we only had a cool club called Venue X… Oh, you mean X as in the unknown from Grade 10 math… Click on the TICKETS button of the show you want to see, copy the venue address into AltaVista or any other search engine and ta-da!


Q: What time does the band go on?

A: The door and start time are usually listed on our website and tickets. Check our twitter feed –> day of show for set times. Please note that set times, as well as opening acts, are always subject to change without notice.


Q: Can I bring my camera to the show?

A: Photo policies vary for different artists and isn’t usually determined until day of show. You can bring a non-professional camera to most shows and Instagram away on your cell phone. No iPads please, they look dorky. If unsure, you can inquire about the photo policy at the door or post on the event Facebook page. Please tag @spectrasonic when posting your photos on social media and we’ll share them!


Q: How old do I have to be to get into the show?

A: Please check the show description or ticket to verify age restrictions for individual shows.


Q: Do I need to bring ID? Even to all ages shows?

A: Yes. Government-issued photo ID is required for entry to all shows.


Q: I’m 18 and a half, can you let me into a 19+ show if I promise not to drink and you X my hands?

A: No.


Q. Why aren’t all of your shows all ages?

A. There are extra expenses associated with all ages shows and it isn’t cost effective to run all shows all ages all the time.


Q: Where can I find the most current information about upcoming shows?

A: Join our mailing list, follow @spectrasonic on Instagram, Twitter or like us on Facebook ( We post low ticket warnings, on sale announcements and set times on our social media and in the Facebook events.


Q: How do I sign up for this fabled mailing list?

A: Use the form to the right or at the top of the page. We send out weekly e-mail updates that include show announcements, exclusive pre-sale information and contests.


Q: When do you announce new shows?

A: Most new shows are announced Monday mornings on our website and social media.


Q. Can you bring band X to town?

A. Unfortunately they only play one-off festival shows… oh, grade 10 math, right… If you have a hot tour tip from your mother’s sister’s nephew who is the guitar tech for a band or notice a day off on your favourite band’s tour itinerary between Toronto and Montreal hit us up on our CONTACT page.


Q. Will you book my awesome local band?

A. Probably – if you’re hardworking and are in fact awesome. We work with Ottawa bands on special shows (i.e. album releases, tour kickoffs) and do our best to book local bands to open for touring acts. Email opener AT spectrasonic DOT com with Facebook and MP3 links and a show history (including where, when, ticket price and what you drew — be as specific and honest). Buying Shawn Scallen a vegan treat is also a good place to start… DO NOT EMAIL EPKs, MP3s OR VIDEOS.


Q. We’re looking to book an awesome band for our special event, can you help?

A. Yuuuuup. We specialize in booking and producing large scale events and festivals. We’ve worked with Ottawa Bluesfest, GlowFair, JUNOfest, Students Federation of University of Ottawa, Beau’s All Natural Brewery to name a few.


Q: How do I get on the guest list?

A: “The guest list for the show should be reserved for guests of the bands. Of course, anyone who works on the show is welcome to attend, but we would like to avoid any industry, press, friend-of-the-club, used-to-be-in-a-band, weed connection or VIP lists. These people are welcome to attend, but they need to buy a ticket like everybody else.” – Shellac Of North America’s Guest List Policy.


Q: Seriously, how do I get into your awesome shows for free?

A: As Messrs. Albini, Weston & Trainer so eloquently state above, work with us and we’ll work with you. Email streetteam AT spectrasonic DOT com if you have some extra time on your hands and want to help with promotion.


Q: But I have a webzine and want to review tomorrow night’s show…

A: spectrasonic doesn’t issue press accreditation or photo passes. Please contact the band’s publicist or management.


Q: But what if I bring Shawn a vegan BLT from Aux Vivres?

A: Okay, but only if you get the sauces on the side so it doesn’t get soggy.


Q: Can I hang out and party backstage?

A: Sure, jump in your Tardis and set it to the date/location of a pre-September 7, 1978 concert by The Who. Give Keith a hug from us.


Q: Can I stagedive or crowdsurf?

A: Sure, on your way back from that The Who show hit CBGBs on a Sunday in 1988 or a 1991 Lollapaloza stop.


Q: Are your shows accessible?

A: We strive to book our shows in accessible venues. Please get in touch with us through our CONTACT page at least 48 hours in advance of the show you wish to attend.


Q: Are there tables and chairs at the venue?

A: Most bar venues have limited tables and chairs. Churches and theatres have seats. Please contact the venue directly for more information.


Q: Is there a coat check at the show?

A: Most venues run coat checks in the colder months. Please contact the venue directly.


Q: Is spectrasonic hiring?

A: We’re always looking to fill street-team spots — our gateway position to other job opportunities.


Q: We’re visiting from out of town, can you recommend a hotel?

A: We have a discount rate with The Days Inn (downtown) – email hotels AT spectrasonic DOT com if you need us to hook you up.


Q: My question wasn’t covered here, what’s up with that?

A: Please use the form on our CONTACT page. We will do our best to get back to you in a timely manner.